Frequently Asked Questions

FaithMeet is a Christian Social Network to connect Christian Community and Churches together enabling access to quality faith-based content and much more.

FaithMeet is a unique concept of Social network connecting users to their Churches and Ministries of their choice. FaithMeet is namely a faith-based content aggregator and Christian Oriented platform. FaithMeet helps Christian Community to get all services in one platform such as attending events online, sending donations to church worldwide, sending prayer request etc.

Yes, FaithMeet would be a replacement of Facebook mainly focusing only for Christians. It helps the Christians not to carried away by various secular posts that neither faith-based nor Christ-centered in other social media. FaithMeet would be combination of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

All Churches/Ministries onboarded in FaithMeet will be only verified profiles. FaithMeet verifies each Church by the information provided during signup. Only approved Churches are allowed to post contents. Fake profiles created in Church name are not allowed to access the platform.

Yes, FaithMeet requires set of information during Signup as Church such as Church Address, Church Registration No and Church Registration Proof. This helps FaithMeet to eliminate fake profiles being created like other social media.

FaithMeet is designed in such a way that only Churches/Ministries will be able to post faith-based contents. Users will not be able to post or upload content. Users will be only able to access the content. FaithMeet Social Network won't be as similar to other social network currently available.

Currently, you can become Digital Member of only the Church/Ministry where you are already a member physically. The Church needs to approve your membership request in FaithMeet for you to become as Member of that Church. We will be enabling options in future release to become member of any Church through a streamlined process. But, You will be able to become a follower of any Church in FaithMeet.

FaithMeet platform is to connect users with Churches/Ministries and access faith-based content and worship. Hence FaithMeet doesn't allow users to connect with fellow users.

FaithMeet have a standard Community Guidelines to make sure the contents in this platform are faith-based and is only Christ-centered. FaithMeet monitors the platform and its contents posted by Churches/Ministries and removes if any contents violates the Community Guidelines.

Yes, FaithMeet helps the Church to grow their Members and Followers worldwide. It helps the Church to reach wider audience.

Yes, FaithMeet is more than a social network. It is developed in such a way that it provides necessary services for the Church Management. FaithMeet helps Churches/Ministries to manage their members, Create Donation plans and get Tithes & Offerings from Members and Followers worldwide.

We have high hopes for FaithMeet continuing to evolve until it is essentially a one-stop-platform for all things related to growing in faith. In order to achieve this, we need a business model capable of financially supporting continuous product development. We believe a subscription model is the best way to bring the best people together to meet all these goals and to hold ourselves to the high standard to which we aspire. We believe in the power of for-profit enterprises to solve problems, and are excited to bring that power to our faith lives. Our goal, though, is that price never be a barrier for anyone in accessing our content. We are also dedicated to provide the Basic subscription version for free to the public User group.